Thursday, April 15, 2010

Character Design - 8 Other Characters..

So here are 8 other characters that have been completed for some time.

•8 Bit Mario - In our animation when Mario get the Super Mushroom he transforms into a lrage 8 Bit pixel version of himself.

•Fire Mario - When Mario gets the Fire Flower his suit changes to these colours.

•Princess Peach - Once again captured, our design has her looking more like a lanky zombie.

•Bowser - Our design has him more rounded, hunched over and with a mustache.

•Koopta Troopa - Bipedal with dead looking eyes, his shell is more hunched than a standard Koopa.

•Koopa Paratroopa - Very similar to the koopa, the slender wings allow him to fly.

•Bomb Bro. - An original character based off of the Hammer, Fire and Boomerang Bros. Our character will throw the Bomb Omb character that ws posted earlier.

•Bullet Bill - The front comes to a point, has a huge crooked grin. There are drip patterns all over it, along with the cannon from which it is fired.

Plus, here is our Koopa in action.

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